Originating on the heels of the Manhattan Project in 1947, at the dawn of the atomic age, the need for industrial radiation detection was recognized by Technical Associates founders. Today, Technical Associates, a division of US Nuclear Corp, a publicly traded corporation, Ticker UCLE brings to the global nuclear industry design and manufacturing radiation detection and monitoring with over 300 instruments and systems for of a wide variety of Alpha, Beta, & Gamma isotopes including those difficult to detect such as Tritium, Carbon-14and pulsed X-Rays.

Providing exceptional radiation measurement instrumentation remains the primary goal of US Nuclear Corp through its subsidiary Technical Associates and its Ohio based subsidiaries Overhoff Technology Corporation (OTC), providing state-of-the-art Tritium detection and monitoring instrumentation, and Electronic Control Concepts, (ECC),

About Us
About Us

serving the dental x-ray community with x-ray leak detectors. The combined expertise of these sister companies comprises more than 100 years in design and manufacturing and provides a diverse and exceptional catalog of products to the nuclear industry.

Target industries include United States Government Agencies, the U.S. Military, Homeland Security, National Laboratories, Universities, Hospitals, nuclear power facilities, utilities: drinking water and wastewater, national laboratories, government agencies, universities and schools, research companies, medical centers and dental facilities, energy companies, weapons facilities, first responders, local governments, environmental protection, and occupational safety and manufacturing industries utilizing radioisotopes in their products or development of products.  International customers include China, Canada, France, South Korea, Argentina, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and others.

The combined expertise of these sister companies comprise more than 100 years in design and manufacturing and provides a diverse and exceptional catalog of products to the nuclear industry.

Innovation is the rule at Technical Associates. The DroneSensor System with the DroneRAD and DroneCHEM mounted on a UAV flight platform provides both Aerial Radiation and Chemical Detection; a first in the field of radiation and chemical detection and measurement. Technical Associates real-time continuous water monitoring instruments continue to lead the water quality field in performance and sensitivity with a wide variety of nuclides detected.

Product development is another key aspect that defines Technical Associates. If a customer can’t find a product that meets their need, or if a unique project requires specialized instruments, Technical Associates will design a system to meet the customer’s specifications.

About Us

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